Catholic Diocese of Niigata


English and Tagalog Guides for Confession

Lent is a time for reflection and repentance. It is a time to think about where we have failed to love both God and our neighbor. All are encouraged to avail themselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

Guide to Confession

1. Bless me father for I have sinned. My last confession was _____________.

2. My sins are…….( confess your sins beginning with the most serious ones )

3. (After confessing your sins….): For these sins and those that I cannot remember at this moment, I ask forgiveness.

(The priest may give some advice and encouragement here. Then he will give you your penance)

(Before the absolution, please pray the act of contrition)

Act of Contrition Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner

Traditional: O my God I am heartily sorry for having offended you And I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell. But most of all because they offend you, My God, who are so good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve with the help of your grace To confess my sins, to do penance, and amend my life. Amen.

(The priest will then give you the Absolution.)


Gabay sa Pagkukumpisal

1. Basbasan po ninyo ako sapagka’t ako’y nagkasala. Ang aking huling kumpisal ay noong _____________.

2. Ito po ang aking mga kasalanan (sabihin po dito ang iyong mga kasalanan, simula sa malalaking pagkakasala)

3. (Pagkatapos ay sabihin) Para sa mga kasalanang ito at doon sa hindi ko maalala sa ngayon, humihingi po ako ng kapatawaran.

(Maaaring magbigay ng kaunting payo ang pari at sasabihin kung ano ang dapat dasalin o gawin bilang tanda ng iyong pagsisisi.)

(Bago ang dasal ng pagpapatawad sa kasalanan, bigkasin po ang panalangin ng pagsisisi) Panginoong Hesus, Anak ng Diyos, ako na isang makasalanan, ay inyo pong kaawaan.

(Dadasalin ng pari ang panalangin para sa kapatawaran ng mga kasalanan)


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新潟教区 司祭人事異動について



                   新潟教区長 司教 タルチシオ 菊地 功



2014年度司祭人事 (氏名右のカッコ内はこれまでの任務等)


《 秋田地区 》

  秋田教会主任 アンヘル・ペラルタ師(吉祥寺教会助任)= 神言修道会

能代教会主任 フェリックス・ロボ師(西町教会助任)= 神言修道会

秋田教会助任 ヨセフ・ホー・ショウフェン師(新司祭)= 神言修道会(着任は7月)

《 山形地区 》

  鶴岡教会・酒田教会主任兼任  伴 八郎師(能代教会主任)= 神言修道会

米沢教会〈長井巡回教会〉主任 マルティヌス・パリヤント師(日立教会担当司祭)=イエズス・マリアの聖心会

《 教区外への転出 》

 フランシスクス・スリ・ワルヨ師(鶴岡教会・酒田教会主任兼任)= イエズス・マリアの聖心会

川又巳三男師(鶴岡教会・酒田教会助任兼任)= イエズス・マリアの聖心会

パヴォール・フィラデルフィ師(秋田教会助任)= 神言修道会

ルイス・フェルナンド師(サバティカル)= 高松教区



Lent and Holy Week Dates

Dear Friends,

The Lenten Season will soon be upon us again. Ash Wednesday is March 5, and it is one of 2 days wherein fasting and abstinence are obligatory. The other is Good Friday, which this year falls on April 18.

Holy Week begins on April 13, with Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday).

For the Diocese of Niigata, the Chrism Mass will be celebrated on April 16, Wednesday in the Niigata Cathedral at 10 o’clock in the morning.

April 20 is Easter Sunday.

Lent is a time for reflection and repentance. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and enlighten us as we continue in our journey in faith towards our home in heaven and eternal life.


New Year’s Pastoral Letter Living our Lives with Grateful Hearts

New Year’s Pastoral Letter Living our Lives with Grateful Hearts

Bishop Tarcisius Isao Kikuchi, SVD

As we begin a new year, I would like to thank all those who made a contribution to the special fund for the construction of a new bishop’s residence and diocesan offices, from those belonging to the Niigata Diocese, to those from other dioceses, and also to the religious congregations who generously donated.

The work on the main building has been finished and we moved to the new residence in November of last year. However, there is still work to be done on the Vianney Residence Hall, the courtyard, and on the Cathedral itself and so it will still take some time till everything is finished.

We plan to hold a ceremony to celebrate the completion of work on May 10 of this year. With this we can say that since our founding as a Vicariate (independent mission territory) 100 years ago, we have become not just self-sufficient but a central figure in the mission of the Church to spread the Gospel.

It is with this in mind that I plan to fully utilize the residence and its offices to proclaim the Gospel and minister to the people. A detailed financial report of the donations and its use in the construction will be made at a later date and will be available to everybody.

Living with Grateful Hearts

The third year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami will be upon us in just a couple of months. From the very first days of that tragic event, the Catholic Church in Japan, with [ All Japan ] as its rallying cry, has lent its support to the Diocese of Sendai. The help it has shown has come in the form of volunteers who worked in the affected areas, those who provided logistical support, those who prayed and those who gave donations, plus others who gave other forms of support. In all of these activities, the Church communities have more than shown the diversity in its members.

Much as I would like to say that with the passage of time the tsunami affected areas have bounced back, unfortunately that cannot be stated with some certainty. Catholic volunteer groups working in areas along the coast have given us regular reports almost on a daily basis through e-mails, and the consensus is that the road to recovery will not be a quick one.

Among other things, because of the negative effects of the nuclear plant accident, there are still places in Fukushima where the residents cannot yet return to their own homes. There are still a lot of people who cannot see a clear future, and suffer from anxiety over health and everyday living conditions. We can only imagine how many people want to live ordinary lives but cannot do so even though what hinders them are things they could not control and was no fault of their own.

Our diocese is one which is in close proximity to the Diocese of Sendai, and so rather than establishing an office in Niigata itself to oversee the help we give to Sendai, we deemed it much more personal and effective to let the parishes help and lend support in their own way. It is my hope that we will continue to extend a helping hand in whatever capacity we can to our brothers and sisters in need of assistance.

Last year in November, typhoon number 30, International name: Haiyan. (Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines) wrecked havoc in the Philippines. It specially did heavy damage to the island of Leyte and its neighboring islands. The death toll was enormous. We know that there are many Filipinos living in our diocese, and there are those among them whose relatives and acquaintances were among the typhoon victims. The various parish communities and their Filipino parishioners have already begun their respective drives in order to raise funds and donations for those affected by this calamity. The community at Shinjo Church have been televised offering their prayers, and people living in their vicinity have personally brought their donations to the church.

While Caritas Japan has established a fund for the recovery of the affected areas, please do not forget our brothers and sisters from the Philippines who belong to our parishes and give them whatever support you can offer, be it prayers or material and financial donations.

During the Great East Japan Earthquake we were given courage by the solidarity that people from all over the world afforded us. Our fears turned into hope, and instead of anxiety we were given peace of mind. During that time, we received from the Philippine Church messages of support, together with prayers and monetary contributions. With grateful hearts, let us now remember how important it is to help and support one another. If we have received much, let us show our gratitude by practicing our faith with acts of love for those in need.

During the General Audience of Pope Francis in Nov 6 of last year, he said the following:

“Without love no gift or charism could serve the Church, for where there is not love there is an emptiness that becomes filled with selfishness….that is why it is necessary that love unite us. Our smallest gesture of love benefits everyone! Therefore, to live out unity in the Church and communion in charity means not seeking one’s own interests but sharing the suffering and the joy of one’s brothers (cf. 1 Cor 12:26), ready to carry the weight of the poorest and the weakest. This fraternal solidarity is not a figure of speech, a saying, but an integral part of the communion among Christians. If we live it, we are a sign to the world, the “sacrament” of God’s love.”

With a solidarity based on fraternal love, let us work towards making our church communities a “Sign of God’s Love” by our loving service for one another.

Living Out our Mission Statement

When we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Niigata Diocese in October, 2012, we also came out with our Mission Statement. This was produced as a result of discussions made by the members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. This will be our priority as we start anew the Church’s mission of proclaiming the Gospel. During the Diocesan Centennial celebrations we received from many of people their signed mission statements along with their personal resolutions. We have kept all of these in the Diocesan Offices. I presume that those who submitted their signed statements have a copy of their own which they keep in their person. It is my hope that you look at it once in a while in order to remind yourselves of your promises and gain renewed energy in order to fulfill those promises. Let us also pray for God’s strength as we acknowledge our own weaknesses, so that we might be given the courage to strive and achieve our goals.

At the beginning of this year, let us once again review our Centenary Mission Statement

[We, the Catholic Diocese of Niigata, comprising the civil prefectures of Niigata, Yamagata and Akita, this year mark the centenary of our foundation as a diocese. We have always striven, as disciples of the Lord Jesus, to live according to the Gospel, and to be witnesses of the Gospel while seeking to grow as Church communities.

Though we are a small community in this area, we have tried to discern and live out our following the way of the disciples of Jesus as one firmly rooted in the local community.

Building on 100 years of history, we are determined to proclaim and witness to the value of the Gospel in contemporary society.

As we make our first steps towards the next 100 years, we proclaim the following points as our priorities.

1. To build “Our Church”, one which is filled with joy and compassion through overcoming differences created by age, nationality, and cultural diversity. 2. Realizing the responsibilities of the Catholic Church in society through exchanges of information within the diocese, districts, and parishes. 3. To continue to nurture and deepen our faith, so that we may be witnesses of the Gospel both through our words and deeds in the midst of contemporary society.

We hereby pledge, encouraged by the witness of Blessed Louis Uemon Amakasu who heads the 53 Blessed Martyrs of Yonezawa, our forefathers in faith, that we will face the realities of contemporary society with courage and through our actions will strive always to witness to the love of Christ.]

From the day that we had our centennial celebrations, we have joined the Church worldwide in observing the Year of Faith. As we spent our days living in the Year of Faith as inheritors of the gift of faith, we once again reviewed the origins of that faith, and renewed our belief that “Faith is choosing to stand with the Lord so as to live with Him (Door of Faith, 10 ), we deepened our resolve to witness to our faith through our words and actions. In that time, Pope Francis, a person who embodied living the Gospel values in word and deed was elected head of the Church. In addition, the Diocese of Niigata participated in the [Night of Prayer with our Lady] organized by the Diocese of Rome. A number of Marian pilgrimage sites were selected from around the world, with the Handmaids of the Servants of the Eucharist in Akita being one of them. We were again able to experience the joy in our faith by joining people around the world in prayer. This prayer event has only reinforced my belief that the convent is an essential part of our journey towards spiritual growth in the diocese. Grateful for the chance to once again examine how we live out our own faith, let us renew also our commitment to be proclaimers of the Gospel of Christ.

In conclusion

As we begin the new year, we also have new things happening in the Diocese. In the Nagaoka District of Niigata Prefecture, the parishes of Omotemachi and Fukuzumi in Nagaoka City have merged to become the Nagaoka Catholic Church. We formally inaugurated the new parish with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Jan. 5. The two parishes have rich histories and traditions, and I believe that it was a big decision for them to agree to this merger. Many factors were considered including the lack of priestly ministers, the aging parish population, transportation convenience, and the management and maintenance of the buildings. It was only after a series of consultations from both parishes over a number of years, and after consultations with me as head of the Diocese, that the committee in charge was finally able to submit a plan to merge the two parishes. The decision was for the church in Omotemachi to be the new parish center. I would like to express my gratitude to those who made the difficult decision to merge with courage and with love, at the same time acknowledging that the decision was not without pain and sacrifice.

Vocations to the priesthood remain at dangerously low levels. Of course, it is the Lord who calls so this is not a problem we can solve on our own. However, it may be the case that there are young people in our Diocese who just are not aware yet that they are being called. Let us continue to pray for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life and that the young people who are called might find the courage to answer God’ s invitation.

On April 29 of this year, there will be a meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. We would like to already request the delegates to prepare reports on the outcome of the various activities during the recently concluded Year of Faith, and the efforts being made on the priorities of the Diocese. It has also come to our attention that parish councils in the diocese have various ways of managing their respective parishes. We would like to have time to exchange ideas as to whether it would be good to adopt just one management system or whether we need to come up with a totally new system of parish management. We would like the members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council to gather the opinions of their respective constituents already as preparation.

Once again, may God the Father in heaven, who is merciful and loving , shower everyone with abundant blessings specially at the beginning of this new year.





宮城県亘理郡山元町では、昨年に引き続き3月11日夕方に地域住民の方々による東日本大震災犠牲者追悼行事・ 竹灯籠を行います。

下記の通り、灯籠に使用するロウソクを募集します。 皆様のご協力をよろしくお願いいたします。

  • ◆募集品目:ロウソク
  • ※太さ直径2~3cm程度のもの。長さは問いません。
  • 使用済みも可。
  • ◆送付先:みんなのとしょかん 菊地様 宛
  • 〒989-2201 宮城県亘理郡山元町山寺西頭無38-11
  • 電話 090-4637-3772
  • ◆募集締切:2014年2月28日(金)
  • ※状況により期限より前に募集を終了する場合があります。 ご了承ください。
  • ◆お問い合わせ:CTVC-カトリック東京ボランティアセンター
  • 電話 090-3522-3209
  • ファクス 03-5414-0991
  • メール ctvc@tokyo.catholic.jp


Migrant Apostolate Section

Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome to the Migrant Apostolate Section of the official website of the Diocese of Niigata.

This site will be written mostly in English with occasional pieces done in Tagalog. Who knows, maybe in the future, we might be able also to incorporate other languages.

One purpose of this site will be to provide you with Romanized versions of Japanese prayers which we hope will be of help to those who do not know yet how to read Japanese.

We shall also be posting relevant information that might be useful for the Catholic foreign community as they practice their faith here in Japan.

We hope that this simple service will help all of you in your journey towards a deeper faith in Christ.

God bless,

Fr. Chito Lorenzo, SVD Migrant Apostolate Coordinator Diocese of Niigata


First post

This is a test post in english


2014年 新潟教区年頭司牧書簡 





感謝の心をもって生きる さて、東日本大震災が発生してから、まもなく三年が経とうとしています。日本の教会は、発生直後から、いわゆる『オールジャパン』体制を敷き、全国の教会共同体が協力し合いながら被災地である仙台教区を支援してまいりました。実際に現地に出かけて行きボランティアに取り組む方もおられれば、後方支援に取り組まれる方、また祈りや献金のうちに支援をされる方など、まさしく教会共同体の多様性が支援活動にも充分に生かされてきました。 時間の経過とともに被災地が順調に復興しているのかと言えば、残念ながらそう断言することはできません。被災地の沿岸各地に設けられているカトリック教会のボランティアベースからは、毎日のように活動報告がメールで送られてきますが、復興の歩みはそれほど速くはありません。とりわけ原発事故の影響で容易に帰還することが叶わない地区もある福島県にあっては、将来への明確な道筋が見えない中で、健康への不安や生活への不安のなかに、毎日を過ごされている方々も多くおられます。いったい何人の方々が自分には責任のない出来事のために、「普通の生活を送る」という当たり前の願いでさえ叶わぬ毎日を強いられていることでしょう。私たち新潟教区は仙台教区と背中合わせの教区ですから、新潟に全体を統括する支援の本部を設けるのではなく、教区内各地からそれぞれ個別に支援を行ってまいりました。これからも被災地の方々を忘れることなく、それぞれのできる範囲で歩みをともにしていきたいと思います。 昨年十一月には、史上最強とも言われた台風三十号がフィリピンを襲い、レイテ島などを中心に甚大な被害をもたらしました。亡くなられた方も多数おられます。私たちの教区にはフィリピン出身の信徒の方が大勢おられることはご存じの通りですが、その中には親戚や知人が被災された方も少なくありません。すでにいくつかの教会共同体では、所属するフィリピン出身信徒のために、様々な救援活動をはじめたところもあります。新庄教会では、被災者への祈りの様子が全国ニュースで取り上げられたこともあり、地区の近隣の方々が義援金を教会まで持参くださいました。 カリタスジャパンでは復興支援のための募金を行ってきたところですが、どうぞフィリピンの兄弟姉妹にも思いをはせ、祈りと献金をもって復興支援に取り組みましょう。東日本大震災を通じて私たちは、世界中の兄弟姉妹から寄せられた連帯の表明と支援や祈りによって勇気づけられました。またそれによって、被災後の恐怖と不安が希望と安心へ変わることを体験しました。大震災では、フィリピンの教会からも支援のメッセージや献金が寄せられ、多くの方が祈ってくださいました。私たちは感謝の心をもって、互いを支え合って生きることの大切さを思い起こしましょう。豊かに与えられたのであれば、その感謝を、信仰における愛の行いへとつないでまいりましょう。 教皇フランシスコは、昨年十一月六日の一般謁見で、次のように語りかけられました。 「愛がなければ、あらゆるたまものとカリスマは教会の役に立ちません。なぜなら、愛のないところには、むなしさだけがあり、むなしさはやがて利己主義で満たされるからです。・・・だから、わたしたちを一致させる愛が必要なのです。わたしたちが行うもっともささやかな愛のわざが、すべての人によい効果を及ぼします。それゆえ、教会の一致と愛の交わりを生きるとは、自分の利益を追求せず、むしろ、兄弟と苦しみと喜びを共有し(一コリント十二:二十六参照)、もっとも無力な人、貧しい人の重荷をすすんで担うことです。このような兄弟愛にもとづく連帯は、単なることばの綾ではなく、キリスト信者の交わりの不可欠な部分です。もしこの連帯を生きるなら、わたしたちは世において神の愛のしるし、『秘跡』となります」 私たちの教会共同体が、「神の愛のしるし」となることができるように、兄弟愛に基づく連帯のうちに、愛の奉仕に努めてまいりましょう。

宣教宣言を生きる 一昨年の十月、新潟教区の一〇〇周年にあたり、新潟教区の宣教宣言を作成いたしました。これは教区宣教司牧評議会での議論に基づいて定められた教区の優先課題を基礎としながら、新潟教区の一人ひとりが福音宣教に取り組む決意を新たにするための宣言です。一〇〇周年の教区大会においては、多くの方に宣教宣言に署名を頂きました。またご自分の決意を記してくださった方も多数おいでです。提出いただいた宣教宣言は、司教館で保管しています。お手元にそのコピーとなるカードをお持ちのことだと思いますが、どうぞしばしばそのカードを見つめ直し、ご自分の宣教への熱意を奮い立たせ、さらに人間の弱さの内に働かれる神の力をうけて、勇気を持って励むことができるように、お祈りいただければと思います。 新しい年の初めにあたり、新潟教区の宣教宣言をあらためてここに記します。

「私たちカトリック新潟教区は、秋田、山形、新潟の三県において主イエスの弟子として福音に生き、またその証しに生きて教会共同体を育て、今年で創立一〇〇周年を迎えました。 私たちはこの地域において小さな共同体ですが、地域に根ざして生きるなかで、キリストの弟子としての生き方を模索し実践してきました。これまでの一〇〇年の歴史を踏まえながら、あらためて社会の現実の中で福音の価値を告げ知らせ、その証しに生きていくことを決意しています。 新たな一〇〇年の初めにあたり、私たちは以下の課題に優先的にとりくみます。 A: 世代、国籍、文化の違いを乗り越え、喜びと思いやりにあふれた「私たちの教会」を育てる。 B: 教区、地区、小教区において、お互いの情報を共有し交わりを深めることで、社会における教会の役割を自覚する。 C: 継続した信仰養成を充実させ、社会の現実のうちで言葉と行いを通じて福音を証しする信仰者へと脱皮する。 私たちは新潟教区の信仰の先達である福者ルイス甘糟右衛門をはじめとする五十三名の米沢の殉教者の信仰に励ましを受け、勇気をもって社会の現実に立ち向かい、キリストの愛を証しする業に取り組んでいくことを誓います」


おわりに 新しい年の幕開けにあわせ、教区でも新たな動きがあります。新潟県の長岡地区では、表町と福住の二つの小教区が合併し、一月五日のミサをもって新たにカトリック長岡教会として歩みを始めます。二つの教会にはそれぞれの歴史がありますので、共同体の皆様にとっては大きな決断であったと思います。鉄道をはさんで比較的近距離にあることや、司牧を担当する司祭の不足、信徒の高齢化、将来的な建物の維持管理の課題などを念頭に、数年前から両小教区の役員の皆さんを中心に、何度も話し合いをしていただきました。信徒総会にも諮った上で、私も含めて関係する多くが賛同してくださる合併案ができあがったと思います。小教区聖堂は表町に集約されますが、今回の犠牲とそれに伴う痛みの大きい決断を、勇気と愛をもって受け入れてくださった信徒の皆様に心から感謝申し上げます。 なお教区の司祭召命の危機的な状況は変わりません。もちろんこればかりは主ご自身からの呼びかけの問題ですから、私たちが勝手に生み出すことはできません。しかし中には、呼びかけに気がついていない青年が教区にいるかも知れません。司祭や修道者の道を目指す若者が新潟教区に与えられるように、さらなるお祈りの継続と志のある青年への勇気づけをお願いいたします。 今年の四月二十九日には定例の教区宣教司牧評議会が開催されます。教区優先課題についての取り組みや、信仰年への取り組みの成果について、評議員の方には報告をお願いします。また教区内の小教区には、信徒の会の運営にあたり様々な方式が見られます。はたして運営方法を統一した方がよいのか、または他の方法が考え得るのか、一度意見の交換をしたいと思っています。これについても評議員の方に、各地区の実情を報告いただきますので、準備のほどお願いいたします。 それでは、新しい年の初めにあたり、皆様一人ひとりの上に、慈しみ深い父である神の豊かな祝福を祈ります。




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米沢教会より申請のありました聖堂名の変更について司教顧問会と司祭評議会に諮り変更を許可することといたしました。2014年1月1日より米沢教会の聖堂名は「北山原53殉教者」となります。 また、長らく合併に向けて準備をしておりました表町教会と福住教会は2014年1月1日をもって合併し、長岡教会(聖堂名 聖ヨセフ)となります。連絡先・所在地はこれまでの表町教会と同じです。 二つの小教区の新たな出発に際して、神様の祝福を祈りつつ、皆様にお知らせいたします。



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